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'Vaarwel' ('farewell') is a video installation inspired by the Dutch 'Wadden' (sand flats between the main land and the Dutch islands; they appear during low tide and they disappear when it's high tide).

It has got something magical that you can walk on the bottom of the sea, the sea getting empty and filling up again. In the work Esther tries to lift up the 'fleetingness' of the Wadden. To grab and hold it, enabling people to be there for a moment.


'Vaarwel' is a video film about two people meeting and splitting up again, while the sea is getting empty and filling up again.

The film is presented in a show-box, placed at the dyke which overlooks the 'Wadden'.

Details about "Vaarwel Oerol":

  • Medium: video installation, video-loop (2 minutes) is presented in a show-box

  • Where/when: Oerol, Terschelling, The Netherlands, June 2007

  • Kunstcamping, Heeswijk, The Netherlands, June/July 2004


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