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After graduating I started my own art studio in 2000. This marked a time in my life with a peculiar combination of all different passions and jobs: exhibitions, light engineering, photos for business, families and individuals. In 20 years of working in all these different areas, I discovered that my work showed some similarities: a strong focus on essence, leaving out the redundant and enhancing the moment. This is to be felt in all of my work, and also marks me as a person. 

In my art work I look for stillness and connection. I am fascinated by transition areas or border areas, which I call 'in between zones'. Like the transition between life and death, day and night and water and sea. I try to zoom into the atmosphere of that particular moment and enhance the quality of that very moment. So that the spectator can be in this moment, for a little while. Even if this sometimes brings up a rather dark or uncomfortable side; like the inability to connect… 
Whether it is the light engineering for a band performance or making a wedding picture - in the commissioned work you can always sense the very same quality and values. However now my starting point is that of the person portrayed. I ask myself: who are they? What are their values? What do they wish to convey? My aim is always to assist them in making the performance or wedding day as beautiful as possible.


Postgraduate Sculpture (3DV / Photography)
Edinburgh College of Art/
Heriott Watt University, Scotland

1998 - 1999

First degree teacher training in Sculpture
Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, Tilburg

1993 - 1998

Jan van Brabant Lyceum, Helmond

1987 - 1993


Bookpresentation Spinning Wheel

United Cowboys, Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven

3 november 2023


We are nowhere and it's now - exposition
Number of works, in collaboration with

Rein van Vinckenroye and Ann Eysermans

- Galerij Artisjok, Lier België 
November & December 2023

'Onbereikbare liefde' - groupsexposition

- Rietveldpaviljoen, Amersfoort
December 2022 - februari 2023

Poster project 'Hope' - Groupexhibition
'The Visit' photography/silkscreen

- Billboards in City Centre Eindhoven

- van Abbe Museum Eindhoven

'Sluitertijd' - Exhibition

With Margriet Thissen, Mo & Asha Swillens 

'Black noise' - installation 

'Kitchentable stories' - photography

TAC, Eindhoven, 2020


Cultuurkantine Projects Child Care
Kunstkameraden project

2014 - ongoing

Cookbooks Healthcare Facilities
Duidelijk koken with Sandra Cornelissen

2011 - ongoing

Freelance Light Engineer
o.a. Effenaar & Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven

1999 - ongoing

Commissioned Photography
1999 - ongoing 

2008 - 2020 e-ster-fotografie 

Startstipendium BKVB  
Scholarship Visual Arts Foundation, Amsterdam


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