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Toyobo etching-work in progress-estherva

Slowly but surely, the collection of photographic 4 colour etching (toyobo) is expanding. Esther is not sure where it leads to yet. At this point, most of the etching find their source in nature. Esther loves to photograph empty scapes. Like sea scapes, on the verge of land and water. The Wadden Islands in the Netherlands during low tide for example. 

The technique creates the sensitivity of an aquarelle painting, where Esther is looking for.


With this printing technique, the photos undergo colour separation, yielding four light-sensitive plates for exposure — one each for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These are inked by hand and, in four passes of a traditional press, printed on etching paper. 

This series is constantly in progress, meanwhile learning this complicated technique. Will the etchings become more abstract? Will they be printed in a book? Time will tell.

Details about toyobo etching:

Work in progress 

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