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'the Visit'

The Visit (2020)

The Constant van Renesse Foundation presents "Poster Project Hoop"

10 artists from Eindhoven made a poster: a billboard - possibly related to the crisis we found ourselves in at that moment. Above all the posters should provide the viewer with hope and comfort. 80 double-sided A0 posters were presented along some main roads in the city. For a month the posters could also be found behind the windows of the Van Abbe Museum and the Central Library.
All poster designs are created in "Atelier Daglicht". They are silkscreen printed in the colors black and green. 
Esther's approach to the theme is "longing". Longing for connection and longing for freedom. The window in her picture creates hope, and at the same time distance...


Details about "The Visit"

  • A part of Posterproject 'Hope'

  • Medium: Silkscreen in black and greenA0-size

  • Where: 80 billboards in Eindhoven & Van Abbe museum

  • When: July 2020  

krantenartikel 'hoop' project.jpg
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