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Spinning Wheel (2023)

Spinning Wheel (installation and book)

The little windmills that you will find in remote places and meadows around the country, are often unnoticed. The windmills help maintain the water levels in the meadows by means of small pump installation. According to Esther they deserve a document in which they are seen and brought together. 

Each little mill has its own pace. Some spin quickly, others quietly, some clockwise, others counterclockwise, and sometimes you will find one that stands still. If you spin fast you can fly, if you stand still you will fall.


Visually, the windmill is like a clock, that decides by itself how to handle time. Spinning Wheel is an ode to escaping (clock) time while getting lost in a landscape.

For this project Esther entered into a collaboration with poet Arnoud Rigter. Their aim is to capture the windmills in language and images in a poetic and elusive way. This all came together in a book and an installation. 

Esther uses a lens on her camera with an extremely shallow depth of field, creating a dreamy atmosphere. The photo's and Arnoud's text are then printed on tracing paper (chalk) that further enhances the dreamy atmosphere. This specific paper is slightly translucent and allows the landscapes and text to blend together. 

The book Spinning Wheel is a signed and numbered edition of 100 copies. The cover of the book is made of aluminum; the material from which most windmills are made. 

Details about the book "Spinning Wheel"

Spinning Wheel

Esther van Waalwijk

  • Uitgeverij: Woez 

  • ISBN 978-90-6338-184-4

  • Numbered and signed edition: 100

  • Photography and design: Esther van Waalwijk

  • Text: Arnoud Rigter

  • Text design: Arnoud Rigter

  • Translation: Floor Buschenhenke

  • Release date: 3 November 2023

  • Price: €85,- to order your copy contact Esther. 

Details about the installation "Spinning Wheel"

  • Medium: installation, 32 photo's A3 size, printed on tracing paper, freely hanging in space.

  • Exposition: 'We are nowhere and it's now', in collaboration with Rein Vanvinckenroye and Ann Eysermans 

  • Location: Galerij Artisjok, Lier, Belgium. 10 November t/m 31 December 2023

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