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'One way message' is an installation with 64 telephone-receivers hanging in a room. In the receivers one can hear messages that don't allow communication whatsoever. 

For example there's a very angry Spanish girl raving at the listener, an Italian sex line, an engaged signal etc. Walking around, one can hear the incomprehensible hum of voices. As soon as one listens at a receiver, an individual message can be heard.

Details about 'One Way Message'

  • Medium: installation with sound and 64 telephone receivers

  • Visual Arts Academy, Tilburg, 1998

  • Het Stroomhuis, Neerijnen,
    The Netherlands 1997

  • De Molen, Ravenstein
    The Netherlands, 1997

one way message-esthervanwaalwijk-2.jpg
one way message-esthervanwaalwijk-3.jpg
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