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Esther provided the photos and graphic design for the Cookbook "Duidelijk koken met Sandra" 
(Sandra Cornelissen, 2011, SWP publishers). The cookbook is now used in healthcare facilities, and is also very much appreciated by children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). See pictures of this book below.

In 2016 Sandra's method was also used to develop a special cookbook for children.'Kook het lekker zelf!' (2016 SWP publishers). Again Esther did the design and photography of the book.

In 2018 Sandra en Esther developed 'cookingsheets': a clear guidance full of pictures. So that people with different disabilities can prepare their own healthy dishes. A clear overview and step by step pictures are the key in the photography and the design of these sheets. In 2021 also an App will come out to be able to work with the recipes on smartphone or tablet.

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