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kitchentable stories-1-last supper-Esthe

The first picture of this series was taken for the group exhibition 'Last Supper' in 2013. The other pictures were made in 2019 and were intended for the series 'Kitchentable stories', presented at the exhibition 'Sluitertijd' in TAC in 2020. Every kitchen table contains an enormous treasure of history and secrets. Esther uses her granny's kitchen table to tell some stories.

Esther makes her pictures with an old (1890) technical field camera. The negatives are 18 x 24 cm on photo paper. The exposure time she uses for the pictures is about 17 seconds. In these 17 seconds the facial expression of the models becomes a dreamy one. It's a research to find out what is possible in 17 seconds of motionlessness, and combining motionlessness with movement.

Details about 'Kitchentable Stories': 


  • Medium: series of 4 photographs on dibond, printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper 

  • Size: 75 cm x 100 cm

  • Exhibition 'Sluitertijd': in cooperation with Mo Swillens, Margriet Thissen and Asha Swillens

  • When/where: TAC Eindhoven Jan/Feb 2020 

article Sluitertijd:black noise.jpeg
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