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This installation puts the viewer in a big hourglass. On the one hand, the hourglass gives one a sense of infinity, which in my view is a powerful and positive thing. On the other, it evokes an oppressed feeling of being swallowed or dragged along by something that one cannot control or affect. 

Esther has found a way in which the room itself functions as an hourglass as soon as the viewer enters the room. On the four "walls" of this room films are projected of sand that is flowing away. The walls become suction pumps that give one the impression of being dragged along. When the hourglass is empty, it's turned over and the story/the film restarts.

Details about 'Hourglass'

  • Medium: video installation

  • Size: 200cm X 200cm (interior space)   

  • Het Stroomhuis, Neerijnen, the Netherlands,
    October 2000

  • Artis, 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands,
    December 2000 

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