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During a tour by bus along the N210, different installations and films were presented. The works are all inspired by the direct environment of the road and/or its unique construction.

The installation Esther made for the event was inspired by the typical Dutch scenery that is next to the N210. On the one hand, Esther was fascinated by the rhythm of the countless ditches and gates that she saw when cycling between Schoonhoven and Krimpen a/d IJssel. On the other, she drew inspiration from her childhood memories. 

She was born close to the N210 and played in the polder till the age of nine, when her family moved to the south. How did she cross the meadows? By rowing, ice-skating or leaping over ditches. Conquering the water was (and still is) of crucial importance. In a nutshell, her installation tackles this huge (Dutch) problem.

Details about 'Hekje-Slootje-Hekje'

  • Medium: video installation presented in a show-box.

  • Event: 'Met andere ogen': group exhibition and bus tour. Installations along  edge of the meadows along the N210 secondary road.

  • Initiated by the Provincie Zuid Holland. October 2005.


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