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the head

In every tube a small loudspeaker is put. You can stand between the horns and listen to the voices coming from them. The three voices together make a sort of song that keeps going in your head.

Esther wants every voice to represent another 'me'. One saying 'yes', another saying 'no', and the last one being in doubt. In other words: a 'me' that is confident, a 'me' being insecure, and the third 'me' being torn between 'yes' and 'no'. 

The installation is made of metal and bronze.

Details about 'The Head Spinning':

  • Medium: installation with sound, tubes of metal and 3 horns of bronze

  • BUNKER, Westbroekpark,
    The Hague, the Netherlands, July 2002

  • Artis i.s.m. Artots, s'Hertogenbosch,
    the Netherlands, August 2002

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