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Esther's work is often about 'in-between-zones'. For example Esther is fascinated by the space between day and night, land and sea, and in this installation, the space between life and death. Where does a thing end and another start?

'In between zones’ often have got something surrealistic: an atmosphere or feeling that the environment (or the moment) carries and which cannot be explained, and is therefore difficult to catch.

In her installations she lifts up this ‘volatility’, this fleetingness of those zones. She tries to grab and hold them, enabling people to be there for a moment, without losing the surrealism and fragility which is so important to her.


Details about 'Halfwezen':


  • Medium: video-projection in a bath. 

  • Where/when: site-specific exhibition in cooperation with Katelijne Arts and Maureen Prins, Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar, the Netherlands, September/October 2007

  • Solo exhibition, TAC, Eindhoven, several installations and photography, November 2011

halfwezen-esthervanwaalwijk foto's nieuw
halfwezen-esthervanwaalwijk foto's nieuw
ED halfwezen-1.jpg
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