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The Scottish landscape was Esther's main inspiration for the installation 'Corridor'. While walking in nature she was sometimes caught in a thick mist. Scottish fog appears and disappears so rapidly you just can't grasp it. 


As far as form is concerned, she experiences fog as an 'in between' zone; a situation between dream and reality. One drop of fog would not strike the eye, but thousands of them create a surreal atmosphere. Because of this Esther made an 'in between zone' in the shape of a long corridor (1 decametre), that goes from one pole/room/moment to another pole/room/moment. Thousands of parallel stretched fishlines form together the walls and roof of the corridor. 

One fishline is extremely fragile, but a lot of them are able to create a field of tension between two poles.

Details about 'Corridor'

  • Medium: installation with aluminium frame and 30.000 meters of fishline

  • Size: 1000x90x210 cm

  • graduation show postgraduate diploma, Gosford House, Longniddry, Scotland, June 1999

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