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Bandfoto camera 1890-Esther van Waalwijk

In the example above you see a picture of the band Molassess. Taken with a camera from 1890. Taking pictures with this old 'plate-camera' is an intense process, asking a lot from the 'models'. 

Instead of the usual and modern 1/125s shutterspeed, this camera uses 17 seconds. For the models this means sitting motionless for long periods of time. A lot of waiting to have the pictures developed manually. And doing this process all over again until the right picture is made. 

Not just a regular choice for any band. However you will get very unique results, that is for sure!

For Molassess Esther made a silkscreen (200 prints). The original black/white picture is digitally revised to create a suitable image for silkscreen. Esther has used purple ink on a black surface creating a special effect. 

Of course it is possible as well to make a band profile with a 'normal' digital camera.

Feel free to contact Esther to see what is possible with these techniques!

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