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Black Noise installatie- Esther van Waal

As a visitor you step into the circle to see the 12 pictures of the work 'Black Noise'. 12 portraits seem to look at you when you enter the circle. Every model is photographed between two copper horns, in order to let the person on the picture visually connect with the other pictures.

Esther uses a camera from 1890 and a shutter speed of 17 seconds. This way, Esther slows down the initiation of the photographic process. The extremely long shutter speed gives rise to the tranquility and intensity which is characteristic of her work.

Wikipedia describes Black Noise as 'a type of noise consisting of mostly silence'.


Details about 'Black Noise':


  • Medium: Installation

  • 12 photographs 75 cm x 50 cm

  • Printed on Hahnemuhle fine paper

  • Hanging in a circle (3m diameter)

  • Exhibition: in cooperation with Mo Swillens, Margriet Thissen and Asha Swillens

  • Where/when: TAC Eindhoven Jan/Feb 2020

article Sluitertijd:black noise.jpeg
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